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American Handgunner gave a great review of Target Is Moving shooting system. 

Target Is Moving


Looking to train with a moving target without the ricochet? You’ll want to check out Target Is Moving. Mastermind Brent Korchuba devised this remote moving target system to be compact, portable and easy to use — and he got it right. I spent an enjoyable afternoon testing the T.I.M. Remote Moving Target System and it only took seconds to set up. It uses a custom 20″ cardboard target, fitting nice and snug into the “T”-shaped base, which houses two AA batteries to power the swinging motion. All together, it weighs under a pound.

This system uses a remote control — which has a range of up to 50 yards — to determine the speed and offer one of two modes for the swinging motion. There’s what I’d call “Standard Mode,” when the target simply swings right to left — nice and easy. You can up the ante by increasing the speed of the target, and it works wonders for really understanding how to control your muzzle. Not for the faint of heart, the second mode is what I can only describe as “Loco Mode,” where the target swings back and forth erratically, stuttering and changing directions mid-swing. It provides a tricky test from 10 yards!

Brent tells me he’s developed a new model, the TIM-2, featuring a metal component housing at the base to protect against errant shots. But in all honesty, if you’re taking your time with well-placed shots, you’ll be just fine.

Turns out, this system actually makes a pretty good target for airsoft guns! The BB’s don’t quite penetrate the target, but they do leave enough of an impression so you’ll be able to see where you’re making hits. There’s really no limit how you can use this target, so be creative. It’d be great for your local gun-club matches! We’ll be doing a short video featuring this crafty target system in action so be sure to check out our website. For more info:

By Jade Molde

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Brent kochuba
Brent kochuba