Reactive Moving Target Systems

Watch the Target Is Moving system in action. Our patent pending shooting target sets up in seconds in any range giving shooters the ability to control both speed and operating mode. The advantages over stationary paper gun targets and steel metal targets are clear.

Target Is Moving Featured on GunTalk.TV:



Target Is Moving Sets up quickly and easily at any range. 

"BEAST MODE" The Most Challenging TIM setting - seen here attached to a target range carrier

There are endless training possibilities.


Use T.I.M. at Any Range - Indoors or Out

Target Is Moving shooting system is versatile. Get creative with where you attach the moving target system and setup dozens of shooting target scenarios. 

Moving Tarets for Indoor Training 

Here we attached it to an IDPA target stand and ran some drills using an inert laser pistol. This is great for moving target classroom training and tactical drills.

Target Setup Takes Seconds

Setting up the Target Is Moving shooting system takes seconds. (This is our Gen1 system shown) Having the ability to shoot at moving targets at any time at any range is a major advantage. 



We believe that in real life targets move. Our moving target system is easy to setup and exteremely effective. Anyone who wants to be able to safely shoot moving targets can now do it with Target Is Moving.